Grit Guard

A highly durable Grit Guard designed to work in conjunction with the Autoglym Car Wash Bucket to lift and trap dirt and debris.

The Autoglym Grit Guard has been designed to work perfectly with the Autoglym Car Wash Bucket, featuring over 200 individual segments designed to lift dirt and debris from your sponge or wash mitt after contact with your vehicle, safely trapping the particles underneath the grit guard to reduce the risk or swirls and marring.  

Care instructions: Rinse thoroughly before first use to ensure the Grit Guard is free from contaminants. Ensure Grit Guard is thoroughly dry before storing.

How does the Grit Guard work? 

The Grit Guard is designed to sit in the bottom of the bucket to trap any contaminants lifted from the bodywork when washing to prevent them being transferred back onto the vehicle to minimise the risk of swirl marks or scratches.  

What material is the Grit Guard made of?

The Car Wash Bucket and Grit Guard are made of highly durable HDPE. 

What products can I use with the Grit Guard? 

The Car Wash Bucket and Grit Guard are recommended for use with our shampoo range; however, we have tested the bucket with the whole Autoglym range and it is safe for use with all products. 

Is it BPA free?

Yes, HDPE is generally BPA free, however this is only relevant if using as source of drinking water though which we do not advise. 

Is the Grit Guard a snug fit  or does it fall out when you empty it?

The grit guard can be pushed down ensuring a snug fit which should not fall out upon emptying. 

Is it available in other colours? 

No, currently the Autoglym Grit Guard is only available in one colour.

Can I use hot water with it? 


Is it compatible with acid or alkali detergents? 


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